The Ballad of the Lion and the Dragon

Genji's Descent into Madness

13 Days until departure

Just two weeks ago I decided the date I would leave the island in search for the
goddess and now their is just under two weeks before I will head out. Mother
called me into her office the other day and reccommened I keep a journal of my
travels and the time I have left here in Mu. She seems to think it will help
keep me on the right track and remember what home is like so I may never forget.
I don’t think I will forget though, afterall I will find the goddess.

12 days until departure

Father called me into the Magisters tower today. He seems to think it’s a great
idea that I am taking off from the city like he did so many years ago and seems
cheerful for something. I never know what his secret agenda is but I assume he
is up to something. I did manage to catch a glimpse of their most recent
creation while I was being escorted out, he seemed so lifeless and yet the
slightest movements showed otherwise. I do not know what purpose this
creation has but I have other things to worry about. Father did ask the next
time I return to the city to come see him before anything else. He has always
said he see’s so much of him in me and that he thinks I’ll turn out just the
way he hopes, If I wasn’t to leave soon in search I would have begun working with
him and the other magisters of the city.

10 days until departure

Boring day but quite the extravagant performance was given in the city today by
some outsiders who were passing through to visit some of those on the other side
of the city. Then of course again a member of the Ishida and Kiga houses were
at it again at the tavern tonight.

5 days until departure

Gathered supplies today for my journey. Mother was busy with the other officers
of the city looking for some group of troublemakers that have been causing
problems as of late. Father hasn’t been seen since a week ago since he called
me into his office. He seems rather sure something good is going to happen
out of this journey but I wonder what it is he is working on in there while
I am gone and what it is he is hoping I will tell him upon my return. Mother
seems to believe I will come back better and with a clearer view than I leave with.

3 days until departure

Had a local blacksmith sharpen my Cresent Moon Blade for a few coins just in case
I need to make use of it during my travels, although I prefer to avoid getting
so close and personal as to need it, but you never know. The officers managed
to catch the Washio boys who were causing so much trouble recently and have them
in custody. Since I will be leaving soon I found it my duty to make sure I said
my personal goodbyes to all the lovely women at the tavern tonight and oh how
I will miss them.

Day before departure

I seemed to of misplaced many of my belongings the night before today as I spent
most of the morning trying to find where I had left everything. I have begun
making notes on a map as to where I should start my search. I have decided to
head towards Kyotara in Nihonshu to the east to begin my search for our
goddess and god.

Day #1

Upon leaving the city I decided to use one of my favorite spells to date and ride
my Disc over to the city on the island. Upon arrival I would be greeted by a
rather large human who I would later find out has managed to make it to 85 and
look as young as myself. He would invite me into his place of work, a forge, as he
would end up to be a blacksmith. He would have 3 underlings working for him as
well, the most interesting and notable characters being Sakura and his pet turtle Kametaro. I believe my large
friend to be oblivious of Sakura’s feelings for him. After a while he would lead me
through the city and along the way I would find a shrine to the god Yi, I of course
payed my respects and asked for guidance on my journey. Afterwards we would find
our way to a Tavern where we would run into 2 people who appeared to be friends
of Koizumi’s (The blacksmith). One of which an alchemist known as Gino, who didn’t
seem rather startled to see a full blood Yueren. Gino would be a Half breed, as to what
his other half is I would assume human which would explain why he wouldn’t be
from Mu. The other is a friendly face to be seen, a Mandragoran named Dasa.
Then a horrid sight, a foreigner. I would assume he was here to scout out
a way to attack Mu or to attempt to gain entrance but he was oblivious to even
Dasa working her magic on his coin purse, their is no way someone that oblivious
could be the one sent for such a task, he must be a traveler like myself then. (Vexille)
Then a Faen of all things to be seen in this city named Minh. Faens tend to visit Mu every now and then as they make friends with some of the Yueren. I didn’t think to ask if she had been to see the island or not. Minh would propose to us after we were all at the table to travel together to
“South” and tried to give some spill about Destiny but oh how Destiny is just a
load of shit. Koizumi would share my sentiments although much more harshly.
He would leave the tavern in a blind anger and I would quickly follow.
I gave him what I would consider as wise a speech as I could in an attempt to convince
him to join us, although part way through our discussion the one who enraged
him would come outside as well but I would continue talking in order to keep
his attention on me and not to continue hostility towards her. Soon he would
have us follow him to his forge and come to find out he use to be a Samurai
just like the many who have tried to tackle our walls and failed, his lord
died some time ago and now he would truly believe that he does not deserve to take
up his uniform and fight again. How sad and wrong he is though, I believe after
leaving I had said enough to convince him to join the rest of us on our journey.
After returning to the tavern where everyone waited we would get a room for the
night and with Dasa, Minh, Vexille, and myself staying up in the fine rooms we would
send vexille off into his own room while we waited for the foreigner to leave, after
all he can’t speak a word of Nihon or Yuxian. After he was behind his closed door
we would conspire to “Make some extra coin” and successful we were. The innkeeper
has a very weird and strange fetish I must say. We would divide our loot and head
to bed. What good fun, and now I have a general idea of ways to make use of Dasa
and Minh on our travels. Dasa appears to be a very skilled Rogue while Minh seems
to be quite the fortune teller and is willing to assist in even the most
ridiculous schemes. I’m not sure how to make use of Vexille yet so he remains expendable. Koizumi, should
he join us, has obvious uses with his great stature and Gino has an amazing trade
that’s uses never end. Kametaro just makes me smile. BEFORE I forget, I don’t
remember her name but their was a very fine fellow Yueyenrin I ran into at the tavern
tonight for some fun. So not is all for naught, Their shall be plenty of other’s
to see on this journey even if for one night. All in all, not too bad for a first day and now I have others to keep me company and to make beneficial on my journey.

Day #2

Today Akira decided to join the party after all but will not be ready to leave until tomorrow as he is at work on some armor for the journey. After the news I began my search of the city to only find a shrine to the Goddess within the city. After that I would get a map to have for the travels and informed everyone of the new tavern to stay for the night and we began choosing where we would head next, seeing as south is just a direction with no real idea of where to go. We decided on heading towards Nasca.


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