My Life With Master

In the small industrial village of Krumlov the citizens are not the brightest, they live in the shadow of an old castle that has held many strange individuals over the years. It is normal for women and children to disappear here, but no one talks about it, to speak of it can cause you to disappear as well…Below is a tale of an evil Master and her dedicated minions…


Camilla Greywords
lolita demon pupper maker trap

Aspect: Beast

Type: Breeder

Nature of Outsiders: Her Majesty’s Occult and Extranormal Affairs Divisions – The Shining Love Brigade, magical loli’s for the Queen who kicked Camilla out for being male.

Fear: 5

Reason: 3

Wants: Be the leader of the magical girls.
Be recognized as a women.
More fabulous outfits.
Apology for being thrown out of squad and called a man.

Needs: Love and adoration.
To steal dreams.
A uterus.


One of the children raised by the Mistress…

Self-Loathing: 2
Weariness: 2

More than Human: Super smart except for in social situations.
Less than Human: Deathly afraid of the dark except when protected by a mother figure.

Connections: Brothers and sisters at the castle.
Divorcee outside of town. (Tonya)
His nephew Timothy Robinson.

Love: 2

Venomous Creampuff: Morning Dew the Defiler
Construct created by Mistress from her former minion Mr. Whiskers…

Self-Loathing: 3
Weariness: 0

More than Human: Can draw things out of people’s imagination and manipulate them unless emotionally compromised.
Less than Human: Looks utterly revolting unless viewer is inebriated or childlike.

Connections: Costume shop owner. (Theodore)
Brothers and Sisters at the castle.
Timothy the baby.


Starlight Jellybean
And ex-magical girl formally of the Shinning Love Brigade whose been drained of her dreams by the Mistress…

Self-Loathing: 3
Weariness: 2

More than Human: Can cast basic magic spells unless being watched by anyone.
Less than Human: Mute except when singing show tunes.

Connections: Tailor. (Eduardo)
Magical baker/member of Shinning Love Brigade. (Ake Moonlight)

Love: 2


My Life With Master

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