Tales From the Jade Road

Book One: The Road of Destiny

Our story starts in the city of Kyotara, capital of the Nihonshu isles. Ukita Genji]], Nevan Vexille, Minh Ai, Gino, Koizumi Akira, and Dasa all cross paths. At the end of the day its Ai who reads her fortune in her tea leaves – her destined companions will soon sit around the same table filling it. Ai, Gino, Dasa, and Nevan where already seated at a table, when Akira and Genji entered late, they took the last two seats. Just like the tea leaves said, the table was full. From there Ai tries to convince them that they must travel together. For the most part everyone agrees: Gino is a traveling merchant so he never stays in one place long, Genji is searching for his goddess (though he will never admit that to anyone outside of his race) and traveling companions don’t seem like a bad idea, Nevan is a stranger to this land and decides to stay with the people who aren’t treating him like a dog, Dasa is a traveling gambler so she’ll go where the easy marks are (and so far Nevan has been the easiest), its Akira who holds out and its up to Ai and Genji to convince him to accompany the party.

Ai attempts Feng Shui to see which direction they should travel…south it is.

After looking at the map, they decide that south isn’t good enough and start heading towards Nasca. Of course before this can happen Sakura comes into the inn and demands that Akira marries her! We have a wedding, and Nevan finds a satchel full of imperials. This leads to Nevan, Gino, and Dasa making friends with a shogun. The next morning they head out, after Nevan helps some orphans.

On the road to Nasca they run across a Faen girl named Lin Fu being accosted by two Sanesarams, Ai punches one in the face! But its Akira and Genji who make them stand down. Of course the wanted Sanesaram bandit, Sook Jin falls in love with Akira as a result, but hey they get her wagon and goats. So nothing bad could come of it…

They also run into another foreigner, Ciphas, and he seems to have some sort of past with Nevan. But Ciphas is a healer, and he agrees to accompany the party, even though his grasp of the languages here isn’t very good. So after this meeting they move on and take Lin Fu to the town of Hokkaido and drop her off with someone she can work with. They stay the night and the next morning one of the innkeepers was murdered! Of course they investigate.

Role Play Logs

Ai and Genji Convince Akira to accompany the party

Recorded Sessions & Podcasts

Session One: Recorded
Session Two: Recorded | Podcast
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Ukita Genji
Nevan Vexille
Minh Ai
Koizumi Akira
Ciphas the Bastard

Theme Songs

Nevan: Donna Burke – Sins of the Father
Ai: Ice ft. NicoNico Chorus – Theme of Puella Magi
Gino: Mushishi no Theme
Genji: Egypt Central – White Rabbit
Akira: Homestuck Vol. 9 – Three in the Morning
Dasa: Yukino – RanTiki
Party: Shigeru Umebayashi – Until the End

Character Sketches

All sketches done by Sai_Kitty

Minor NPCs & Misc. Info

Murder Suspects of Hokkaido

Tales From the Jade Road

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